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WebWatch has taken complexity, and made it simpler.

The concept IS simple. Take a web savvy camera or DVR, hook it up to the Internet and look at what it is seeing from anywhere that has Internet access.

Since the birth of the World Wide Web in the '90s, IP (Internet protocol) products have been available, as it was obvious that photographic data could be sent via the web as easily as any other sort of data. It meant IP cameras could be used to monitor events remotely from anywhere in the world.

We have spent over 9 years bringing in equipment, rigorously testing it, sorting out software and hardware issues and communicating with manufactures and suppliers. We now have a comprehensive understanding of how these products work and how they need to be set up.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide cost effective, Internet based remote surveillance solutions, using the latest user friendly technology.

A brief history

Like a lot of companies, ours started from a need that wasn't being filled. Some years ago we were the victims of several burglary attempts, one which was luckily foiled by a basic alarm system and deadlocks, the other was a complete success for the burglar(s).

Installing security cameras using a scissor lift

We had to depend on neighbours to phone when the alarm went off. Working some kilometers away from home, by the time we arrived, the burglar had fled leaving jemmy damage to window frames and a door. Nowadays with cell phones and auto dial alarm systems, you at least know the alarm has gone off.

More recently, one Saturday morning the neighbour's house was broken into. The alarm sounded, and after a short period to allow them time to turn off the "false alarm", we wandered outside to see what was happening and noticed a large 4X4 ute parked in the driveway. We could hear crashing and thumping from inside the house. There was so much racket being created that we initially thought that the neighbours were doing something inside. The neighbour on the other side didn't appear to be taking much interest so we waited to see what developed.

I started to get an uneasy feeling and ran for my car keys just as the vehicle started to pull out of the driveway. By the time I got my car out to the street to follow the 4X4 it was too late. They had gone.

This experience was very frustrating for several reasons, the neighbour who had a better view of the neighbour's driveway and the perpetrators, thought taking the vehicle registration plate number was helpful. Yeah Right! How many criminals have the correct registration plates on their vehicles?

I'm at fault for not ringing the police quickly enough because I just couldn't believe criminals could be so arrogant and brazen.

The solution needed to fulfill these requirements;

  • Cost effective The solution shouldn't cost the earth.
  • Monitored using the Internet Use the Internet to transmit data, be it live pictures, or e-mail alerts.
  • Motion detect The solution had to be able to act like a security alarm, in the sense of being able to employ motion detection in specified areas.
  • Record photographs If there is photographic evidence to a crime, the probability of catching the offender goes up dramatically as most criminals are repeat offenders.
  • Not computer dependent The solution could not be just a web camera. The first thing a burglar looks for to steal is the computer. The security solution had to operate independently and not be based on a PC.
We believe we have found the ideal security solution that satisfies all the above criteria, IP (Internet protocol) cameras and DVRs.
Private Investigators and Security Guards Act 1974

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Private Investigators and Security Guards Act 1974

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