Security Tips

Reducing the burglar's options.

Here are some tips from the NZ Police on how the burglar thinks and operates, to help you put things in place to lessen the chances of becoming another statistic.

  • Set up or join a Neighbourhood Support Group.
  • Make sure doors and windows have good quality catches and locks-deadlocks if possible,
  • Always lock doors and windows at night and if you are out in the garden.
  • Be careful if you leave a key hidden outside. Burglars know where to look.
  • Keep garden sheds and garages secure and lock away tools and ladders.
  • Have an alarm system installed, or at least a dummy one.
  • Install sensor lights around access paths and external doors.
  • Trim trees and shrubbery which might hide a burglar's activities.
  • Plant 'thorny' and 'spikey' plants under low windows.
  • When you go on holiday use neighbours, relatives or friends to clear mail and make the place look occupied.
  • Use timers on lights and appliances and vehicles parked in the driveway for the same effect.
  • Put an 'ADDRESSED MAIL ONLY' notice on your letterbox to stop circulars and local newspapers. Then put a stop on your mail and newspaper. You can remove the signs when you get back from holiday if you like receiving the circulars and local papers.
  • Consider placing A 'BEWARE OF DOG' notice on gate.
  • Don't record an answerphone message which starts...... for instance; We're not at home right now......;
  • Burglars like to drive right up to the house being ransacked. They don't like carrying stolen goods out to a car parked in the street. If you can have a locked gate or even a locked chain across your drive it makes your house less vulnerable.
  • Mark valuable property and keep a record of serial numbers or use this Police service.
  • Get to know your neighbours and develop plans to deal with problems or suspicious activity.

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